Patch for GS extension Media Player Indicator
  • This was something that I really missed and extension developer didn't include this yet although I asked for this a couple months ago
    Add this....

    "org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.guayadeque": this.applyGuayadequeRating,

    in widget.js after line 232
    and this.....

    applyGuayadequeRating: function(value) {
    GLib.spawn_command_line_async("guayadeque --set-rating=%s".format(value));
    return true;

    in widget.js after line 304
  • meh......... it doesn't work. It allows me to rate in extension but that rating doesn't get to guayadeque :(

    OK, this section is for rhythmbox. Can anybody point me in the right direction or maybe fix this?

    applyRhythmbox3Rating: function(value) {
    const Rhythmbox3Iface =

    const Rhythmbox3Proxy = Gio.DBusProxy.makeProxyWrapper(Rhythmbox3Iface);

    if (this._player.trackUrl) {
    let proxy = new Rhythmbox3Proxy(Gio.DBus.session, "org.gnome.Rhythmbox3",
    proxy.SetEntryPropertiesRemote(this._player.trackUrl, {rating: GLib.Variant.new_double(value)});
    return true;

    return false;

    destroy: function() {;
  • bump....
    I still didn't figure this out :(
    with this...

    applyGuayadequeRating: function(value) {
    GLib.spawn_command_line_async("guayadeque --set-rating=%s".format(value));
    return true;
    }, - See more at:

    ... I get that extension can set ratings but in terminal I see this
    18:40:40: Loading 0 0 => 5717 '--set-rating=5'
    18:40:40: Loading '--set-rating=5'
    18:40:40: Error: File doesnt exist '--set-rating=5'

  • You are not alone, I have the exact same problem ;)

    15:21:19: Loading 0 0 => 1 '--set-rating=3'
    15:21:19: Loading '--set-rating=3'
    15:21:19: Error: File doesnt exist '--set-rating=3'
  • Guayadeque dont accept command line options like this...
    It just accepts a list of files to play.

    Will need to check if mpris added the option to set the rate of the current track.
  • THX. If it can't be done, OK. But I would like to know is it doable or not.
  • Mpris dont have any option to receive a rating :(
    Will need to do it other way...

  • If you can, good. If not, it's not such a big deal. I just wanted to know should I continue to bug people around with this.
    The thing is, long time ago, before GS, I was using task bar icon. But after switching to GS that became hit or miss. Mostly miss because icon almost never showed up so at the end I gave up and started to use this media extension. Maybe I should try that tray icon again. Maybe now it will or won't be consistent.

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