Cue files cause crash?
  • Since updating ubuntu I had problems with G. When I scanned my files G just crashed.

    Today I sat down to investigate and isolate the files that caused the problem.

    I discovered that the crash came when a folder with a .cue file was scanned. I don't really use them, but keep them just in case... After I renamed all the .cue files to .cue.bak G worked fine again.

    G didn't crash on every .cue - file. But most.

    Happy to have G working fine again!
  • Could you send me some of that cue files please ?

    Thanks for your help
  • I just now sent two cue files to you,, one that works fine, and one that cause G to crash.
  • Tried them here and cant get it to crash here... asked you few questions...

  • Could perhaps be related to taglib 1.8 in Ubuntu 13.10. Previous Ubuntu 13.04 used 1.7, I think.

    Juan said he'd investigate...
  • The problem comes from Taglib 1.8 as with 1.7 doesnt happen. Please report the problem to taglib developers for them to fix it.

    Thanks for your help

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