I am going to continue working on Guayadeque
  • Hello everyone, I noticed Guayadeque has not been in development since 201, so I will continue to breathe life into it. I am not exactly sure how to put it online, keep it in repositories, but for now I have a git for it https://github.com/RavetcoFX/guayadeque


  • well, that's not true. There was some minor update recently. At least in svn. Stable version is another story.
    But as I know it's far from being dead. As I recall, anonbeat said that he's working on porting it to QT.
    If you can help, talk to him first. I don't see the point in forking this for now.
  • @RavetcoFX: You are welcome to help. Please let me know what you are planning to work at.

  • @anonbeat My plans are to redo the interface to make it simpler while still having all the options available and to fix a few issues regarding Album Art.

    Since you are still active I will cancel making a ppa.
  • uh, please, don't touch the UI. It's fugly, I agree. But what's important, it's really usable, flexible and offers any info that user wants. The only other player that comes close to guayadeque is gmusic browser. Maybe you could do some predefined UIs like on gmusic that looks like amarok, or itunes, or exaile and some others. But unlike GMB, guayadeque can rearrange items and save the layout so there's no point in doing even that.

    But we really have enough useless players with nice, simple and uncluttered UIs which are perfect for listening albums one by one. And for that I can use my CD player.

    Anyway, I'm glad that there is someone who wants to help (I don't know how to except providing BT logs) but, IMO, anonbeat is doing great job here and you should help him and not try to reinvent the wheel.
  • Wats wrong with the UI. like it as it is :)
  • I agree with kinggo, rearranging items and saving the layout is Guayadeque forte. I just love flexibility of Guayadeque something that no player gives... like, that every collection can have his one tab.. you can`t find that in any other player far as i have seen.

    Guayadeque is The BEST player on this side of Milky Way... :)
  • I agree with Kinggo and Peter_Gunn. The UI is very flexable and usable.
    The few problems I found concern the sorting of the media files. Morover, I have some mp3 that aren't reckognized by the player.
    For me, that's all.

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