After importing a folder via Nautilus player shuffles tracks in random order
  • I'm a new user of Guayadeque, but I like it very much. I have one question that bothers me a lot: I have a folder with some files. In Nautilus I click using right mouse button and choose "Open with Guayadeque". In this case player opens with this folder's files in a playlist, but it shuffles them in a random order :(
    On the other hand, if I open File Browser in Guayadeque and click right mouse button and "Play" - all tracks are situated in the right order. All these tracks have 'track numbers' in their ID3 Tags.
    Please help me to resolve this issue. Or, maybe it is a bug? :)
  • I noticed the file sorting has a bug, I believe. I have a very similar problem.
    I name the mp3 library files this way: artist - year - album - track number - title.
    In this way, also if the tags are wrong (and they aren't!) the folder (Nautilus) can sort the files properly.
    In Guayadeque (that's my favorite player!) isn't the same. When I sort the files by filename some albums are sorted correctly, others not. So, I have to sort the files by track number. This is wrong.

    I believe that Guayadeque couldn't read correctly the id tags.

    Please, resolve this bug.

    Guayadeque 0.3.5 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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