saving a shoutcast station
  • I am not able to find a way to save a radio station listed in the tools Shoutcast Station List. When I right click and select 'Add Radio" station to my "User Defined" list, the Link value is blank. However if I go to the Shoutcast web site in a browser, I am able to capture the Link and past it in thr Link field and successfully save a station in Guayadeque's User Defined list. I just can't seem to do this from within Guayadeque. I need someones help; by the way this is a great app.
  • I love guayadeque ( but the name is hard to say and hard to write out) This is the best Internet Radio Player I have found but it needs a button to save stations to your User Defined List. It is clunky as hell to add a station without leaving the program and finding the url, then manually having to add each station.
  • Why is this issue being addressed or hell how about just explain why you can't or wont fix this flaw? I love what you've done but it really does need a feature that will somehow reveal the URL of a streaming radio station your program finds. If that's too difficult, just explain how it can be discovered perhaps from the CLI while the radio is streaming? Show some love please.

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